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leather-painters-watch-palletDuring my senior year in high school I received this as a gift for my graduation from my mother. My main subject in high school was Art and I planned on studying the same at Georgetown University. This watch was very special because I had never seen a watch shaped like a paint pallet!

The watch brand is St. Marin and it is a quartz watch. The main features is the shape of the watch which is a paint pallet. The outside border of the “pallet” is gold plated and the inside dial is white. There are not numbers in the dial however, splashes of paint as a pallet would contain. It has the primary colors and secondary. The color of the hands ar black.
The watch band is 100% geniune leather and the color is blue with a snake skin texture.

Made In China

Enjoy! I hope all artist can appreciate this watch! I love it although I don’t wear it often!


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