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watch registrationThere is without a doubt that you should register every watch in your collection. I’m sure if you’re a high end luxury watch collector you have been required to register the watch due to high price tag. However, even if you aren’t buying a watch over $1,000 you should send in the form and get registered.

There are a number of reasons the importance of registering a watch as a collector. Keeping your watch in a good watch case is important especially if you receive the registration card with your watch. Some companies will not consider any warranty if you don’t have any proof of purchase. Keep good care of everything. Here are my reasons below

  • Proof of purchase and authenticity in time of sale
  • Warranty Information and Guarantees
  • Replacement parts and repair information
  • Prizes and Gifts

Below is a list of the companies registration just in case you have lost the form. Online registration is actually a much faster process.

Watch Registration Websites

  1. Rolex
  2. Seiko Watch Registration
  3. Timex
  4. Casio
  5. Fossil
  6. Omega Registration Customer Support
  7. Citizen Watch
  8. Cartier
  9. Tag Heuer
  10. Nike Watch Repair – No registration
  11. Guess Watches – No registration
  12. Pulsar Watches – No registration & Warranty at the dealer
  13. Geneva Watch Line
  14. Invicta Watch Registration
  15. Luminox Repair – No registration online
  16. Tissot Warranty – No online registration
  17. Suunto Watch Registration
  18. Polar Watch Registration
  19. Swatch Watch Registration
  20. Movado Service Registration

This is the most requested watch warranty and registration websites. I will updating and maintaining this page for new watches. Please bookmark to make it easier for you!

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