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swatch-yellow-watchI just love my yellow swatch watch that was given to me during my junior year at the university. I had done a big favor for a new teammate of mine by taking her a shopping outlet in Potomac Mills. I mentioned this in my first Olympic swatch watch post. They had a Swatch Outlet store there in the mid 1990s to the beginning of 2000. I was surprised when she offered me a swatch watch and I didn’t want to accept it because I’m sure she would have done the same for me.

But I guess her situation was different; her first time in the USA via Germany; she saved lots of money compared to regular stores; she saved even more because of high prices which are found in Germany. Well and if you know most Germans, its extremely hard to say no to them. When they stand on a subject, theres pretty much no success in changing their minds!

collectible swatch watchSo this is how my second swatch watch became a part of my watch collections. The watch is a mustard yellow color in the band and I could say that is a soft snake skin patterned material. But it’s not the normal type of snake skin that you would normally see. Inside the dial there is a burst of sparkling yellow. The hands of the watch are of gold and there aren’t any numbers notable at all. The logo and trademark SWATCH brand is blue and located at the lower dial of the watch. The crystal of the watch is plastic and it is water resistances up to 100 feet, although I have not tried!

This is one of my more regular watches that I keep with me all the time ever since 1997. I have only had to change the watch battery 3 times during its 10 year life span with me. I can always recommend a swatch watch for anyone because they are affordable and actually do last a lifetime!

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