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If your watch is worth collecting

The value of your watch can be accessed by you the owner based on age, sentimental value and quality. Watches that may mean less to you are valuable to others and that is where a professional appraiser can get you top dollar on your collectible.

Find Out Where To Buy Valued Items

Jewelry Exhibitions, online auctions, offline auctions and jewelerers watch sales are great for collectors, however, check some of the requirements and signs of buying a watch.

Avoid Fraud & Other Imposters

Learn how to avoid scams and other counterfeit watches from scam artist they exist. Luxury and fine watches all have unique identities to help you track its originality.

Selling Your Watch & Getting The Maximum Value

Research is most important factor that will help you get the maximum value of your watch collection. Let us show you more secrets to getting the best offer for your watch collectible.


Find out the grade of your watch. Many variables are configured into watch appraisals. Yes Yes Yes
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