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gold-pocket-watchJust last week I received an email requesting an appraisal of a pocket watch from the 1930s. I love getting appraisal request because I like researching the value of watches as a collector. However, I could not help this person with their request due to a lack of information.

The watch was from the 1930s without an exact year and it was made in Vienna, Austria. Described as being a gold pocket watch with a squirrel emblem. After the first email this is what I received, during my reply to the user I asked for more details such as any type of serial numbers that could be found. I was replied with the following serials.

I understand that watches made in the 1930s, there is a big difference of details provided and how the watch was made. Hence, the value of the watch is even more harder to find out. The watch is gold, but the karat is unknown and also the watch maker name does not seem to be present. I think for watches with these characteristics only one thing could help and that is a detailed photo of the pocket watch.

Quick Watch Collector Appraisal Details List

  • Watchmaker brand name
  • Serial number
  • Material (gold, steel, iron)
  • Photo (front, back,band, side views)
  • Year
  • Battery size
  • Water resistance detail

If anyone knows the value of a gold pocket watch with the following details it would be appreciated:

  1. Gold pocket watch
  2. With star
  3. Serial numbers: 21079 and underneath 53
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