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Are you a G-Shock lover? Do you have more than three gshock watches? I’d consider you a genuine G Shock collector! I had a friend back in the day who loved the G-Shock collection but I could never get into it. The gShock always reminded me of a bubble gum machine watch 🙂 All jokes aside, these watches are great to collect because they do come in all flavors and sizes which makes it an addiction for most G-Shock lovers!


The G-Shock was first introduced in 1983 and I was just 6 years old but I remember then I did have a love for watches and was always the kid who kept a watch on their wrist. I remember instead of choosing the Gshock I purchase a square black pretty ordinary Casio. I lost it later but a few years ago, I saw the remake which had never changed one bit.

Many famous celebrities can be seen sporting many different fruity flavor G-Shock such as: Prince Harry, Kayne West, Margaret Cho and others. They are a collectors item I must admit. Here are the top G-Shock serial numbers and most wanted for collectors.

Top 25 G-Shock Collector Watches

  1. casio g shock dw 6900
  2. casio g shock gw 300
  3. g shock 2300
  4. g shock 25th
  5. g shock 2608
  6. g shock 2688
  7. g shock 5600
  8. g shock 6900
  9. g shock atomic
  10. g shock atomic solar
  11. g shock dw 6900
  12. g shock dw5600
  13. g shock dw6900
  14. g shock g011d
  15. g shock g100
  16. g shock g2300
  17. g shock g2900
  18. g shock g8000
  19. g shock g9000
  20. g shock gw300
  21. g shock gw500a
  22. g shock mrg
  23. g shock mt g
  24. g shock titanium
  25. g shock wr200m

Most Wanted G-Shock Colors and Flavors

  • White
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue

G-Shock Watches aren’t expensive and I think thats what makes them a fun collection sorta of like Swatch! Affordable for the leisure collector!

Ebay is the best bet for great deals. Here are some listings.

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