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swatch-decoder-watch-austriI know the last few of my watch collections I’ve had consecutive Swatch Watches, but because its my favorite thats what you’re going to see 🙂 .In one of my trips overseas during my university days I had the chance to go to the Czech Republic which was AWESOME! There in Prague we stumbled by a Swatch Store of course and I was actually shopping for a watch at the moment and came across a fairly unique Swatch watch.

The colors and the coded encryption caught my eyes. The name of the swatch “Swatch Decoder” was red and black themed. I because I’m a big fan of James Bond 007 I wanted to feel like a Secret Agent so I decided to buy the watch! The details of the watch are peculiar in that there are NO numbers! It is in Greek and because I was in my first years in a Sorority this watch had even more meaning for me. In all fraternities, the origin and names are all Greek and before becoming inducted you have to learn the Greek Alphabets!

So the watch band is made of plastic and contains different colors on each end, black and red. The swatch band has black holders with white font in Greek Alphabets. If you turn the watch over on the backside there are more symbols and decoding as well. The face of the watch is white with a red trim and inside the outer trim of the dial is the normal alphabet (A-Z); direction clockwise.

Just below, there is another round trim in black with the Greek Alphabet. The hands of the watch contain circles so that you can decode the hour in Greek and minute hand in Western Alphabets. Its very peculiar as I mentioned before and I’m not sure how many were sold but I’m very happy that I purchased it abroad. In the middle of the dial there is a red circle with the name of the watch model: Swatch Decoder.

When you turn the watch over, the back is transparent as most plastic swatch watches and the clockwork is excellent. I’ve changed the battery twice since 1997! Imagine, the watch just keeps ticking and ticking and ticking!  Gotta love Swatch

Year: 1996
Battery: 1.55v
Water Resistance


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