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I’ve been getting so many compliments on my latest sports watch which I wrote I was searching for. However, I never knew I would get so many comments when I wore it. It is the very first sports watch that has given me so many compliments!


What I like about this watch specifically is the silicon band which is so so comfortable. It almost feels like I’m not wearing a watch. My past sport watches have been a little bit bulky and pretty much plastic cheap feeling. Like most sports watches to endure sweat and other circumstances. I guess what gives this watch so much attention is the unique rectangular square shape that has now been popular with casual watches during the past few years.

Also, the silver sides that are silver but in a matte finish is also very beautiful! Also, the subtle red Nike symbol/logo at the very top does not give the watch a sports look but more of a casual look. The watch was purchased from Ebay for almost half price! I’m very happy to add the this Nike WC0067 Sports watch to my collection. I’ll be sure not to use this under water

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