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seiko-black-snake-skin-watcLong time! I’ve had to move around a bit so I haven’t been able to add my watches. But this watch that I’m about to review was a gift from my God Parents after my high school graduation. It is a thin black Seiko women’s watch with leather snake skin band. My wrist is actually too large for the small band that it is and it is a reason that I don’t wear it. It is a very beautiful timepiece and is meant for a more formal affair.

The watch dial is is gold and the emblem Seiko is engraved in the middle of the watch. The watch does not have numbers at all and has a rectangular shape. Like I said before the SEIKO watch is very thin and the hands of the watch is sorta shaped like arrows or triangles.  The band of the watch is leather and has a snake skin texture and feel.

Movement of Japan and Made in Japan

Standard size Seiko Battery: SR626 

I appreciate all gifts and especially from family. I just wish I really could have worn it. Oh well, it’s in my collection!

I know — I could buy a band. Honestly, I like to keep everything as original as possible! Until next time

p.s Here is the map for the Seiko Repair Centers in your area!

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